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Nature Mapping Jackson Hole

Nature Mapping Jackson Hole relies on trained, citizen scientists from our community to report what, when and where they observe wildlife. These collective observations create a long-term dataset of wildlife distribution throughout Jackson Hole. By observing and recording the wildlife we see on a daily basis, and making these observations available to others in the community, we hope to inform land management decisions and wildlife biologists.

By participating in Nature Mapping as a citizen scientist you can contribute to this valuable community resource. When everyone contributes a small amount, the end result is tremendous!

Nature Mapping Jackson Hole is a project of the Jackson Hole Wildlife Foundation sponsored by the Meg and Bert Raynes Wildlife Fund, grants and private donors.

Mobile Data Entry Form

To access the new user-friendly data entry form, click the green button, titled "New Entry Form", located at the bottom of this page.  You can also access this form via your mobile device.  When using your mobile device, type the Nature Mapping JH website,, into your browser and you will be automatically redirected to the new entry form.  If you are unable to login using your mobile device, make sure that your web browser is set to allow cookies. 

The new data entry form is formatted to allow for expedited entry of your animal observations.  You will notice that the data and time fields are equipped with automatic pickers. Most importantly, you will find that entering the location of your observation's has been simplified.  Simply click on the green button, titled "Location on Map", and you will be redirected to a Google Maps page.  You can zoom in and out using the + or - buttons, found on the left hand side, or by double clicking on the map.  To pan, click and hold while moving your mouse.  The red, tear drop shaped, picker will move as you click on the map.  Don't worry, your final location with not be chosen until you click the green button, titled "Select this Location".

Click here to view a YouTube tutorial on how to use the mobile compatible data entry form.

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Teton County

What's New

Entry Form Improvements! A preview/beta version of the new mobile entry form is available. You can access this new version by clicking the following link:
When prompted, use your Nature Mapping login credentials to test the new version. We are offering this opportunity to test the new form as a means to get feedback from you, the user, on what works and what could be improved.
This new observation entry form allows you to enter observations offline (no cell service), the ability to enter multiple observations of the same species at one location and an improved formatting for entering specific species. 

Nature Mapping Certification Training:
Interested in becoming a certified Nature Mapper - Contact Frances, at, to find out when the next training will be held.

Amphibians and reptiles in Teton County: Deb Patla describes the 10 species found in Teton County.  Click here for more information.

Snake river Float Project: Click here to check out the 2014 Snake River Float Proeject report completed by Anya Tyson.

Wondering what birds are out there this winter?  Susan Patla and Susan Marsh put together this helpful slide show of birds you're likely to see in the Jackson area throughout the winter. 
Winter Bird Identification Slide Show

Moose Day 2014: Click here for a full report on Moose Day 2014.

Northern Flying Squirrels: Click here for more information about the northern flying squirrel research happening in the Jackson area.

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Please check back often for more exciting updates to come!